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Sketches: Who’s Who at 171 | Silvia Reddy, Jess Aiduk, and Vicki Rossetti

Silvia Reddy|Music Class Instructor
Born in Austria, the mum of three completed her degree in Music Pedagogy at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and has since been involved in numerous musical activities. Silvia has participated in orchestras and fusion ensembles, written numerous songs, produced CDs, composed children's musicals, and performed all over Europe. She moved to the States two years ago and loves it in Corning.  As a singer and multi-instrumentalist (violin, piano, accordion, guitar, recorder, sarangi and harmonium), she enjoys the spontaneous element in her classes. 

"I adapt my classes to my students the best way I can," Silvia says. "I enjoy creating sheet music of tunes and making up songs from scratch. I love to be flexible in classes and workshops according to my students' interests."
Silvia's Explore Music classes integrate nursery rhymes accompanied on accordion or guitar, miming games, the acting out of children's books as well as plenty of action and movement games. A new session begins March 13th, so make sure to register your child now to reserve their spot! 
The Let's Sing class is designed to invite singers of the area to gather and sing in a group. The class will touch on various styles, from Folk to Country, Pop, Soul and more. Learning basic musical theory knowledge and sight reading will be part of the sessions. Let's Sing starts March 21st - invite your friends and register soon.  Come and join the fun!
Jess Aiduk|Photography Instructor
Jess is enthusiastic and fun, knowledgeable and intuitive in her craft.  We're thrilled to have her teaching at 171 - you're going to enjoy her! Some of her classes are geared towards teens and others for adults, so there's something for everyone. 

"I'm most excited about teaching at 171 because I absolutely adore working with new people! I have been itching to teach because I just love photography so much and I know my passion for people and art will make a perfect match in these classes I'm offering. 
My classes are going to enrich my students' future lives because at the core of everything I teach is empowerment. Whether we're working with an iPhone or a DSLR camera, I firmly believe that when properly educated and encouraged, everyone can make beautiful digital art. I look forward to building relationships with my students and seeing where their blossoming creativity takes them!" 
"Something you probably don't know about me? I am unapologetically a Twilight fan. Like, a "tween trapped in a 30-year-old-body who is totally on Team Edward" type of Twilight fan. Re-reading the books and re-watching the movies are a favorite guilty pleasure of mine!"

You can read more about Jess here.  Better yet, register now to take one of her exciting classes and meet her in person!
Vicki Rossetti|Dance Instructor
Miss Vicki studied dance with Mme. Halina and has performed in many productions as part of the Elmira/Corning Ballet Co. She studied Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance and performed with various dance groups at SUNY Binghamton. She has taken master classes at SUNY Brockport and attended workshops on early childhood education. Vicki is enthusiastic about being able to share her passion for dance with the students.
"What I enjoy most about teaching dance is the inspiration I glean from watching a special spirit come to life when children and adults learn new moves and give them life to music. Young children are beautiful to watch as they move through space to the beat of a drum or different styles of music. Watching a child gain structure and control over their body parts is an added bonus, especially when I am able to work with the same child over a number of years."
Students' lives are enriched by Vicki's classes. "I love that I have the opportunity to teach the youngest children to become more creative and imaginative, coordinated and cooperative with each other," she says. "In class, we not only practice dance positions and movement but camaraderie and compassion. Dance is a passion of mine and I have always felt a special connection to young people (and the young at heart). I am  grateful to be able to combine these two interests as a dance teacher."
Vicki learned to dance in the Bruce building studio before 171 Cedar Arts was an organization, and her family heritage goes back many generations in the Corning area. She loves babies, plants, animals, warm weather and the great outdoors!

Vicki's upcoming classes are the Creative Movements for littles, and a new class - Ballet: Barre And Movement (perfect for beginning adults).  See more information and register soon - this is a fun opportunity, don't miss out!