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FOOD FIGHT | Tickets Available Now for the 2nd Annual Cook-Off for Health | 11:30 AM Feb. 17

Follow this link to purchase seats to the event: https://171cac.networkforgood.com/events/5033-food-fight

Saturday, February 17, 2018, 11:30am-2:30pm

Tickets: $35 each prior to February 1; after that $40 each

Location: 171's Drake House Theater, 155 Cedar Street, Corning, NY

Now in its second year, Food Fight is sponsored by 171 Cedar Arts Center, and the Healthy Kitchens program. Healthy Kitchens is collaboration between The Arnot Ogden Medical Center and the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in conjunction with Tulane University Medical School and The Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine.

The Culinary Medicine program was started four years ago in attempt to change and improve the conversation medical students, and ultimately physicians, have with their patients around food and healthy eating habits. Since its inception, they’ve trained more than sixty medical students, fifteen family practice residents, and have now incorporated nursing students into the program. Students participate in nine teaching modules, after which they are required to work in community based programs.

171 Cedar Arts Center and Healthy Kitchens came together to fundraise for each program when Dr. Dollinger reached out to Lynn Dates to find a location for Healthy Kitchens in Corning. Dr. Dollinger knew that 171 had a successful culinary series and wanted to see if her program was a good fit in 171’s facility. While talking, they both realized that they were interested in growing their respective programs by attracting more students, and through targeted fundraising.

"171’s equipment was aging, the theater space we’ve used for years was noticing some wear and tear, and our students mentioned that they would like to eventually see the classes projected onto a screen. We have a definite need to raise funds for our culinary program, but we weren’t willing to raise class prices any further," notes Lynn Dates, 171’s Executive Director. "Dr. Dollinger was excited about the idea and how it might help our programs grow."

The Food Fight idea came from the fun cooking shows watched on television. Last year, Dr. Dollinger’s husband, Dr. Angell was the first place winner with his vegetarian macaroni and cheese. "He’s an Urologist Extraordinaire, and is very handy in the kitchen." Dr. Dollinger also says that he does a great job on dishes, and can follow any recipe you give him. "He learned to cook at a very early age when his mother made him prepare his own Rice Krispies for breakfast."

Food Fight is one part educational, one part delicious, and two parts fun!