171 Cedar Arts Center
171 Cedar Street
CorningNY  14830
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Music at 171

171's Music Department currently offers three different experiences: Private Music Instruction, The Women's Chorale of 171, and Music Appreciation Classes.


Private Music Instruction 

Private music instructors offer lessons in 171's studios and set their own schedules, rates and policies. Instructors should be contacted directly for more information or to establish a lesson schedule. More information about each instructor is available under their faculty listing.



CELLO (Suzuki)

Christine Lowe-Diemecke - 607-564-9492



Dr. Angela McBrearty - 607-368-0991



John Manfredi - H: 607-732-0913  C: 607-426-9253                          



Dr. Daniel LaBar - 607-846-8411 

Dino Losito - H:607-737-3950  C:607-738-1380 

Frances McLaren - H:607-732-2503

Claire Gonta Smock -



Emily Ickes Jackson -



Michael Hankins - C:808-425-6960



Duvid Smering - H:607-733-9855  C:607-742-9082 


VIOLIN (Suzuki)

Augusto Diemecke - H:607-564-9492 

Jennifer Reuning Myers - H:607-387-3629 



Dr. Angela McBrearty - H:607-368-0991  


The Women's Chorale of 171

We are a group of women who take great pleasure in performing a wide range of music for treble voices. The Chorale has been in existence for more than 20 years. "Our mission is to share our love of music with our audiences and to develop and promote the universal language of music." To learn more about the Women's Chorale click here.