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7 Dancers, 5 Duets, 1 Musician and a Hoop!
Drake House Studio Theater
Sep 27 - Sep 28  various showtimes

171 Cedar Arts Center and American Dance Asylum present a special dance program featuring a series of duets curated by Dance/UP director Lois Welk; "7 Dancers, 5 Duets, 1 Musician & A Hoop" will take place in 171's Drake House Studio Theater, September 27 (7:30 pm) and 28 (3:00 pm), 2014. The program will feature Rosita Adamo and Adryan Moorefield of PHILADANCO (The Philadelphia Dance Company), master tap dancer Bill Evans partnering once with Don Halquist and again with saxophonist Duvid Smering, Gabrielle Revlock and her hula hoop, and 171 dance faculty member Beth Hesch performing with alumna Heather van der Grinten. The performance lasts for approximately 1 hour.


The program will consist of: "Halo" an intimate and magical duet with an object that explores the fields of energy around the dancing body, created and performed by Gabrielle Revlock; "See You Around" a dance-theatre piece performed by Bill Evans and Don Halquist created by Claire Porter who is known for her physical comedy and savvy use of text; "Improv" pairs master tap artist Bill Evans in a rhythmic conversation with saxophonist Duvid Smering; "When Dawn Comes" is a pas de deux (French, literally "step of two" is a dance duet in which two dancers, typically a male and a female, perform ballet steps together) choreographed by Christopher L. Huggins that showcases PHILADANCO's athleticism and virtuosity; Beth Hesch, collaborating and performing with Heather van der Grinten, will present an exploration of rhythm and human connectivity.


Order your tickets in advance at www.171CedarArts.org/classes/performances