171 Cedar Arts Center
171 Cedar Street
CorningNY  14830
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Urban Arts Crawl: Featuring Live Ceramics Demos
Apr 29  5 - 7 PM

Live Ceramics Demos in 171's Woodcock Ceramics Studio
Enjoy snacks and 171's special punch, "Purple Rain", while you tour your community ceramics studio and watch demos by local ceramics artists!

  • Fred Herbst - Professor of Art at Corning Community College and board member of 171 will demonstrate wheel throwing techniques
  • Amanda Warren - 171's Ceramics Technician will demonstrate wheel throwing and trimming, and will be able to answer questions about our upcoming ceramics classes
  • Brad Leiby - Painter and Rockwell Museum resident mural artist will demonstrate his unique style of underglaze painting

Garden Pots for Sale

  • We have a variety of ceramic garden pots for sale throughout the month of May. Each pot was handmade from frost-proof clay and glazed by volunteers in 171's community ceramics studio and the prices range from $5 to $40.

Last day to see Chris Walter's Home Exhibition

  • Visit 171's Houghton Gallery to see photographs taken from the Chemung River to the Indian Ocean that capture the people, places, and moments that are essential to the concept of "home" to Chris. The gallery is located on the first floor of the Drake House (155 Cedar Street, Corning). Learn more

Learn more about the Urban Arts Crawl and see all featured locations at www.urbancorning.com/urban-arts-crawl