171 Cedar Arts Center
171 Cedar Street
CorningNY  14830
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GAZE Opening Reception for Samantha Calkins, Christina Nurczynski, and Maxwell Harvey-Sampson
Aug 11

GAZE - Curated and Created by Samantha Calkins

August 11, 2017, 5-7pm

171's Houghton Gallery, 155 Cedar Street, Corning

Calkins artwork focuses around gaze, the gaze of the subject and the viewer.

"I paint portraits of surreal human type figures, and in these I paint women with strong piercing gazes and allow men to be the object of gaze in most circumstances. To me this flips cultural norms and gives the viewer a chance to obtain another view of our culture.

I often use nature and wildlife along side the human figure, to create worlds that are parallel to ours allowing a feeling of discomfort for the figure and the viewer. Which I hope can cause the viewer to look at how influential culture is on us as individuals, but to take comfort in knowing that we are the ones who control culture when we are aware of it."

The exhibition features work by Calkins, as well as Christina Nurczynski, and Maxwell Harvey-Sampson.

Join us for an evening of art, artists, food and beverages.

This event is free and open to the public.