171 Cedar Arts Center
171 Cedar Street
CorningNY  14830
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Jess Aiduk

Jessica Aiduk is the owner of Life with Jess Photography, which showcases pictures of life with just the right blend of class and sass. She’s sarcastic, empowering and loves bright colors. She likes to push her creativity with unconventional perspective and tightly framed details. Professionally, she photographs everything from childbirth to business headshots. She writes at lifewjess.com and loves telling stories and showcasing the beautiful details that go along with them. Jessica is super pumped to join the teaching team at 171 Cedar Arts Center. She is a sucker for one-on-one time gushing about art and creativity. She passionately believes that everyone with excitement for photography can be amazing, no matter their gear. She doesn’t believe there is such a thing as too many great photographers, too many interesting photographs, and too many captivating stories. She loves sharing her obnoxious passion and energy level with those around her. She talks (and laughs) really loud and sometimes really fast when she gets excited, (which is often) so prepare yourself!