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Daniel Roemmelt

Ceramics/Visual Arts

At an early age it was apparent that I wasn’t going to excel in athletics, so, at age 13 I was sent to the Arnot Art Museum in Elmira for Saturday morning classes. It was a pleasant distraction full of encouragement. Eighth grade graduation found me magically selected to design the program cover. This lead me to question whether there was a deeper creative aptitude yet undiscovered?

High school brought further success and the memories of the joyful time spent in the art room are still fresh. By graduation I had bravely elected to attend the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford. Just maybe there was a future in this “art thing”?

After graduation, a year in Boston opened up further studies and opportunities. I returned to the area to teach high school art in Bath, NY, in a position I thought only temporary. But soon discovered that every day I looked forward to a new adventure and was absolutely convinced this was my calling.

Time passed quickly and I reluctantly stepped aside after 33 years so a younger cohort could remain. Immediately I found myself on the art faculty at Mansfield University and for the last 6 years I’ve captured as much joy teaching now as ever.

What motivates me daily is to share this creative exhilaration with others and create a safe environment for risk taking and self-discovery.