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CorningNY  14830
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Ann Recotta

Soulshine Studios

I began my beading journey by taking a class with my daughters in 2003. I was captivated by the texture that could be created with beads, and worked as often as I could, creating more and more jewelry. Beading quickly became an extension of myself, a way to express the colors and textures that dance in my head. I opened my bead shop, Soulshine Studio, in 2011 with the intention of sharing my love of beads with the community. I enjoy teaching all sorts of techniques, and particularly love seeing that “aha!” moment of discovery.

My jewelry pieces are full of texture and depth. I create to make you look closer, into every space and line, like a treasure hunt. People love that they’re wearing art. It’s like carrying a bit of inspiration around with you all day.

Ann lives in Corning, New York with her soulmate, Bob. They are taken care of by their dog Molly, and cats Oberon, Cricket, and Skinny Pete. Their four children are all grown and making their way in the world. Ann is most appreciative of their support and acceptance of her shenanigans.